The Seattle Seahawks have the loudest stadium in the entire NFL and they want to keep it that way during the NFC Championship game.

In kind of a dirty move, tickets for the NFC Championship game on the Seahawks website have been limited to certain zip codes, when you put in your credit card information. Only credit cards with addresses from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii will be allowed to buy tickets to Sunday's NFC Championship between the 49ers and Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

The Seahawks could not just come out and say no 49ers fans allowed on Sunday. For one that is illegal and you are never going to make a stadium 100% Seahawks fans. If 49ers fans are interested in purchasing tickets, they will have to go to Ticketmaster or Stubhub.

I don't know, I think this is just in bad taste. What if you are not a 49er fan and just want to go to the NFC championship game? Better hope you live in the right zip code.