Parents love to make a big deal out of their children’s birthdays, but now there’s a new clown in town, and he’s looking to scare the hell out of your kids for their big day.

In what I believe is a terrible idea, Dominic Deville will stalk your child for about a week prior to their big day. He sends texts, letters, and makes phone calls to creep them out, warning them that they’ll be attacked. Then, when the time is right, he smashes them in the face with a cake.

From what he says, kids love being scared out of their minds.

If parents ask him to stop, he immediately stops his activities, but how awful would that be for a kid? I remember being scared of the boogie monster that was hiding under my bed, or the ghost in my closet. The last thing I would have needed as a child would be to have a creepy clown stalking me.

Either the kids who are stalked know what’s going on, or they’re out of their minds to think that being stalked and terrorized is fun.

Would you do this to your child? Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea? What about parents who pay this man to frighten their kids, is it okay?