People were ready to riot at the Worldwired tour stop and people just wanted to know why they couldn't get a beer. 

Metallica was on everyone's minds this weekend. I saw a lot of my friends at the show in AT&T Stadium. A few days earlier at the show in San Antonio, things didn't go so smoothly. I think everyone who enjoys a beer during a concert would go grab one before the opener and then in between the other act. So for instance, after Avenged Sevenfold plays you would go grab a beer before Metallica gets ready to go.

That's exactly what fans in San Antonio did and sadly they had no beer. What the hell? No beer. Are Metallica fans that beer thirsty that they emptied out the beer supply of an entire venue? That was actually the rumor being spread. Turns out Metallica asks the venue to cut off alcohol before they go on.

This was not the Alamodome doing this, it was actually a Metallica request. This caused quite a controversy in San Antonio for concertgoers. The Alamodome is actually adopting a new policy in the future if a band requests this again. Signs will be posted at all beer stands stating when the cutoff is for alcohol.

I talked to some people who attended the show in AT&T Stadium on Friday and all of them said they had no problem getting a beer. Looks like Jerry Jones wanted to cash in on all that Metallica beer money as long as he could.

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