I am going to assume we will be having a whole bunch of "random" drug tests done during this bye week.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd is going to be sentenced later today on drug trafficking charges. Some say it is a possibility he could be facing life in prison. Now Sam Hurd is not holding anything back with a potential sentence like that.

Sam admits to smoking the highest potent weed he could get his hands on all day, every day. Whatever was considered the loudest weed in California — I wanted a notch above that,” Hurd told the site, saying he would import two to 10 pounds at a time from the West Coast. “I had educated myself on different strains and potencies and growing techniques. I was very selective. It was like wine.”

Hurd also said he smoked marijuana and sold it at cost to several friends during his time in Dallas, including “20 to 25” teammates on the Cowboys. Hurd didn’t mention any players by name, aside from former Cowboys safety Patrick Watkins. Now with news like this coming out, the NFL is going to respond in force the next couple of days I would believe. The Cowboys are on their bye week right now and if a player was going to get high, I would assume it would be during the bye week. So look out for those drug tests, we are already running out of players as it is.