A couple days ago comedian/actor/writer Sacha Baron Cohen was granted the very prestigious Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for his comedy at this year's BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards and he proved to everyone there why he deserved it.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, the announcer, accompanied by Grace Cullington, the oldest surviving actor to have ever worked with Chaplin in a silent film, came out on stage and introduced Cohen, who made his way to the stage and was promptly handed a Chaplin inspired cane by Cullington.

Now of course Cohen was going to have a little fun with the whole situation and he began pretending to walk around with the cane, but when he stopped to lean on the cane, things got really serious. The cane snapped in half and Cohen fell into the wheelchair that Cullington was in, sending her rolling off stage and onto the floor below. The audience, and everyone watching, thought Cohen had killed the poor old woman.

But it turns out it was just a big prank. If you had seen the video without Cohen giving his acceptance speech at the end, like I did the first time, you would have thought that he really did kill the old lady. We should have expected something like this from him though.

With the audience still trying to figure out what was going on, Cohen began his speech saying "Grace Cullington is the oldest, no, sorry was the oldest-surviving (Chaplin co-star). I dedicate my award to her. This is obviously a tragedy. She has upstaged me. But on the bright side, what a great way to go, giving an award to me."

Oh Sacha, we should have all seen this coming. Be sure to check out this epic prank in the video below.