With the NFL season coming to an end in a few weeks, it will be that time where we start talking about rule changes in the NFL. In a recent interview Roger Goodell had an idea for the future of the extra point.

When you score a touchdown in the NFL you get six points and then kick a field goal for an extra point. Roger Goddell discussed when you score a touchdown you will automatically get seven points. What happens when a team would want to go for a two point conversion? You would then get one point if you made the two point conversion, but it you did not score you would lose two points.

Now are extra point field goals usually automatic? Only five were missed this year out of 1,183. Still, why are we trying to complicate something as simple as an extra point? I guess Roger Goddell had recently busted out his N64 and decided to play a game of NFL Blitz. In that game you would just click extra point and it would give you seven points without doing anything.

If you eliminate the extra point you would never have something like this Saints and Jaguars game below. Saints score a touchdown and it goes into overtime. Sometimes missing an extra point is the determining factor in a game and I just don't want the NFL to lose that.

Watch this Missed Extra Point Below: