Tom Morello, Serj Tankian, and Tom McIlrath have teamed up to write and record a new song called “We Are the 99 Percent.” They’re calling their “gift” to the Occupy movement, which recently commemorated its one-year anniversary.

During the past year Morello has been a strong supporter of the Occupy movement, so it’s no surprise that he’d be a part of this team. He said, "I wanted to do a huge riff-rock anthem. It would feel like the excitement of the global Occupy Wall Street movement."

You can expect more than just the above mentioned artists in this piece. It also includes recordings of protesters in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and Liberty Square. Incidentally, there’s a really great pizza place across the street from Zuccotti Park.

The song is available as a free download on each artist’s web site, as well as You can hear it and see the video below: