I don't know if I should use the term "got away", the fact is, we never had 'em, though I wished we did. Read more after the break.

There is a tour hitting around the area (meaning not here but within driving distance) that I really wish we could have landed. It's called the "Rock Allegiance" tour. There doing a bunch of bands at a cheap ticket price Check out this graphic from their page:












It especially kills me that they booked this tour in Grand Prairie because there's no radio station around there that really supports this music like we do here. Anyways, some dates feature additional bands (like Hinder is on the OKC date). They DO say more dates will be announced, but I don't see them circling around back here. I guess if you want to rock, you gotta drive. Get more details here.

Here's some Buckcherry to cheer you up.