While in the stands it is easy to boo some of your most hated players, but when they are five feet in front of you it is a little different.

Robinson Cano was a New York Yankee for eight years, but this season he just signed a deal with the Mariners for 240 million dollars. Everyone knows he went there for the money, so they are going to give a nice warm welcome in Yankees Stadium when he is at bat. Well the Yankees fans decided to get some early practice with a huge photo of Robinson Cano. Unfortunately for them, the real Cano was standing right behind it.

Suddenly the Yankees fans turn into a bunch of adoring Cano fans. I will let you know right now, if Derek Jeter was standing five feet in front of me like this, I would have kept booing him. Also its OK to laugh at the stupidity of Yankees fans.

Check Out the Prank on Yankees Fans Below: