Last week I wrote about a zombie-proof house. This week I’m finding more zombie news, this time in Atlanta. It seems some of the Atlanta roads are being shut down next week due to a zombie invasion! But really, it isn’t as bad as it seems.

The drama series “The Walking Dead” will be filming in that city, where presumably dozens of people will be clad in zombie gear and made to look stinky. I wouldn’t mind making a trip to check it out. In addition to the zombified people, residents can expect to hear simulated gunfire, and roads will be closed for up to a week.

If you haven’t checked out “The Walking Dead,” I highly recommend it. I only saw about 3 episodes in the first season, but it’s a show that I could really get on board with. After all, if the Zombie Apocalypse is coming, doesn’t it make sense to watch shows that educate and entertain at the same time?