From Reverend Horton Heat's recently released album, Rev, comes 'Let Me Teach You How to Eat'.

The latest slab of rockabilly from Jim 'Reverend Horton' Heath proves he ain't interested in no skinny girls, he likes 'em healthy. Just watch the video for a heaping helping of 50's style pin-up beauties that exemplify everything that's right about a woman with a little meat on her bones.

Then again, food's not the only thing he's offering to teach the ladies how to eat. The rockabilly veteran slips in a touch of innuendo with 'choke a chicken' and I'm pretty sure the meat he's talking about marinating resides somewhere on his person.

And the music? It conjures visions of a dude sportin' a massive pompadour rolling around in an old convertible with the top down, hopped up on diet pills and lookin' for some poon along the lines of the ladies in the video. Rockabilly at its finest.

Loud is the only way to listen to rockabilly so turn up 'Let Me Teach You How to Eat' and vote in the below poll.