You may call me crazy, but I am 100% behind this.

A Swiss restaurant has come up with an amazing idea. Clean your plate or else you get fined. Yes, it does sounds like your mom is sitting at the dinner table with you. I however am sick of all the to-go box madness in peoples fridges. If I do not plan on eating that food for lunch the next day I do not get a to-go box. Lets be honest if you don't eat it the next day, it is probably not getting eaten.

Patrizietta restaurant in Losone, Switzerland serves an unlimited buffet menu for 12 Francs ($13.50) and the chef, Giovanni Tafuro, was getting frustrated with the amount of food waste the buffet was creating. "I wanted to send a strong signal... It made me sick to see so much food being thrown out," he explained. Apparently it's legal to charge for leftover food in Switzerland and Patrizietta warns customers of the charge on its menu.

If you leave leftovers at his restaurant you will be fined 5 Francs ($5.65). So remember people clean your plate or no dessert. In this case, clean your plate or pay up.