Samuel L. Jackson wants the world to know that not all black people look alike. He made that very clear earlier this week when he stopped by a Los Angeles morning show to promote his latest movie Robocop, which is in theaters now.

The poor reporter who just happened to be interviewing Jackson made the mistake of asking him how his Super Bowl commercial went, which Jackson responded by asking 'what commercial?'

After a moment of stunned silence the reporter realized that he had confused Jackson with Laurence Fishburne, who appeared as Morpheus from the Matrix in a Super Bowl commercial for KIA. Can you tell who is who?

Jackson didn't seem too offended, but he did take the chance to tear into the reporter and by the end of the interview the reporter was pretty much begging for a spanking, which seemed a little weird to me. It's even weirder that someone else at the news desk offered to give him one.

Check out the video below so you don't make the same mistake.