In what is undoubtedly the coolest moment of their lives, Dennis Diaz and his wife Annette were brought up on stage during the final of Metallica's 30th anniversary shows last Saturday, December 10 to play "Blackened" with the guys during the part of the show where MetClub members were invited on stage to jam with the band.

The couple gained notoriety after a video of them playing "Master of Puppets" at their wedding reception went viral several months ago.

Turns out, Dennis once had a Metallica tribute band made up of Asians called Trapped Under Rice (yeah...I know, but if you can't poke fun at yourself who can you poke fun at?) And obviously Annette is no slouch, she played drums in a couple of bands (Fatal Posporos and Half-Past Two) and she currently plays bass in Random Ninjas.

Kudos to the mighty Metallica for making these fans LIFE!

Check out the video of their performance as well as their audition below.