New York thrashers Generation Kill released their debut album Red White and Blood last year and while the album was well received, the band hasn't had quite the exposure they deserve so of course I jumped at the opportunity to talk to bassist Rob Moschetti.

Perhaps best known as frontman Rob Dukes other band (he provides the pipes for legendary Bay-Area thrashers Exodus), their metal pedigree goes even deeper with Rob Moschetti having spent time in Pro-Pain and M.O.D.

As their press release says, these aren't a bunch of kids trying to recreate an era they never experienced, these dudes came up on thrash and their music is as serious and unpretentious as the heshers that yours truly used to headbang to in my bedroom back in the 80's.

Rob Moschetti - Generation Kill Interview Part I

Rob Moschetti - Generation Kill Interview Part II