Dr. Johnny Skinz's Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head.

No, I don't have turrets, that's the working title of the Red Hot Chili Peppers upcoming 10th studio album. Lead singer, Anthony Kiedis told Spin magazine that the title was inspired by a friend who came by the studio.

Anthony explained,

"He was reminiscing about one of his legendary acid    trips, and told us that he had been playing a sold-out show to the planets and moons, and his number-one hit was, well, that title. We found it so funny that we told him for as long as the album was under the radar, that that would be our nickname for it."

Kiedis said that making the record after an extended break has given the band new energy, explaining,

"I think that during the writing of this record I have been the most open-minded and refreshed that I have been in a long time. I guess that comes from a much-needed hiatus and becoming a father."

Speaking for the first time about the departure last year of longtime guitarist John Frusciante, Kiedis


"It is always going to change the chemistry and feeling of the music when such a creative force as John Frusciante leaves. He was something unique that shaped our sound then, but now I think it's also something fresh and exciting to have a new, incredible musical mind working with us now."

The new Chili Peppers axeman is Josh Klinghoffer, who has toured with the group as a backup musician and has had a long friendship with them.

Kiedis also revealed that thanks to bassist Flea's musical studies during the band's hiatus, the new album is an evolution for the Peppers. He explained,

"Before, some of our jams were a bit hit-and-miss. On this record, a decent number of songs were actually thought out and planned in a way we had never done before. That is, with Flea's new knowledge of music theory, we explored the writing process with a bit more precision."

The album is due out later this year.

You can follow the progress of the album through Flea's tweets at www.twitter.com/flea333

Are you excited to hear this album, or are the Chili Peppers old news?