Football season starts Sunday and one of my favorite foods to eat at tailgates is bratwurst. Can I get this bad boy delivered to AT&T stadium?

The Ptacek family, owners of Ptacek’s IGA grocery store in Prescott, Wis., set a record on Monday for grilling the world’s longest bratwurst (complete with a giant bun). At 152 feet and about 80 pounds, the massive sausage required around 80 volunteers to flip it over on the cement block grill. Ptacek’s stole the record from none other than themselves.

The family cooked up a 152-foot, 2-inch brat back in 2012 to celebrate the store’s 100-year anniversary, according to the World Record Academy. Bratwurst and beer is probably one of the greatest combinations ever. I would need a couple kegs to finish this brat though. Just to let you know the video freezes a little bit at the beginning.

Check Out the Record Setting Brat Below: