Ray Lewis announced before the playoffs began that this would be his final season, so we all kind of expected him to go out with a bang, which is what he and his Baltimore Ravens did yesterday against the Indianapolis Colts winner 24-9. Not only did they win big but they won in true Lewis fashion, not allowing the Colts to reach the end zone the whole game.

The big story though is that this was Lewis' last home game since the Houston Texans won their playoff game, so what better way to kick off your last home game than coming out and busting off a few dance moves? That's exactly how Lewis started the game and he got not only his own team but the whole stadium pumped up and ready to go. You can check out the video below but be warned, it is pretty exhilarating and might get you pretty juiced up and ready to go.

They also let Lewis onto the field for the last play of the game, a simple kneel down, after which he immediately began dancing and celebrating with his team mates.

And just for fun hears a video all about Ray Lewis including a bunch of highlights of his big hits and an interview or two.

The Ravens will travel to Colorado to take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos next Saturday.