I know book reviews aren’t the norm on The Buzz, but this is one that I truly needed to talk about. Randall, of Honey Badger fame, has penned a book. I pre-ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and when it arrived in the mail I couldn’t put it down. It’s titled “Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals.” Written by Randall and with the help of his assistant Christopher Gordon, this is a hilarious read that will remain on my coffee table for a while.

This book takes eleven animals from the wild, starting with the honey badger, and educates readers on their mating habits, what they eat, how they socialize, and what sort of creepy things they do. Unlike your average wildlife book, however, it puts a spin on these creatures that might make your mom blush.

An excerpt from the book may give you a clearer understanding:

OH, MY F***ING S***CAKES, please have mercy! Can you believe this devil?! It’s just snacking away on a poor little… what is that? Is that a wallaby? You see, they eat all sorts of nasty s**t – from little mice to wombats and sheep! Satan’s best friend also enjoys eating large leftover scraps – mainly dead buried animals.

As you can see, this isn’t a book you would read to your kids at bedtime.

Randall also spruces up the book by adding awesome photographs, like the honey badger with curlers and painted nails, the tarsier doing a Gollum imitation, and the solenodon wearing a do-rag to name a few. I love the photos depicting snarling animals as they hover over their food. It's so nasty! He’s also done a genius job of adding his snarky opinions and familiar catch phrases. “Mmmm, delish! Thanks for the grape, stupid!”

A conservationist, Randall is doing an amazing job of bringing awareness to the masses. When I purchased my talking Honey Badger doll in November, part of the purchase price went toward ending bear farming. Instead of hogging the spotlight for himself, he’s placing interesting and sometimes endangered animals in the public eye, a move which can only be positive for wildlife.

I’m giving this book 4 nastyass cobras out of 4 nastyass cobras.

As Randall might say, “Here’s what you do, Stupid!” Buy the book. Read the book. Tell your friends about your book. Then go to I Heart This Place for all of your Honey Badger needs. Please don’t buy Honey Badger stuff from other sources; support the man behind the badger.