The always cool-as-a-cucumber Josh Homme makes his way back into 'Crank It or Yank It' with the latest from Queens of the Stone Age, 'I Sat by the Ocean'.

The second track from QOTSA's latest collection, ...Like Clockwork, is classic Queens of the Stone Age but like most of the songs on the record, it isn't the most accessible tune Homme has ever written.

That's what I love about Queens of the Stone Age. They're arguably one of the most important bands in rock today and they've got to where they are by staying true to themselves and creating music they like without worrying about writing a hit song.

The crazy thing is, that's the attitude they've always had but QOTSA have managed to garner their fair share of mainstream exposure with hits like 'No One Knows' and 'Go With the Flow'. Who knows, maybe 'I Sat by the Ocean' will be their next big single. Check it out and tell us whether or not you dig it.