Here's some advice to avoid a little prison time, don't post a selfie of you and your marijuana plant, unless you live in Colorado, especially if you are already in prison.

Marcin Zendarski, from Poland, is currently serving time in an Austrian prison and it turns out he didn't really understand prison rules. Zendarski had smuggled a cell phone into the prison, which turns out to be a pretty common thing. But he also smuggled in a couple marijuana seeds.

What's even more amazing than the fact he managed to smuggle those items in, which I don't even want to know how he did that, is the fact that he planted the seed which ended up turning into a full grown plant in his cell.

Now the guards either didn't notice or didn't care because the guy was getting away with having the plant until he decided to post a picture of him posing with the plant on Facebook.

First off, that's not a good idea to begin with and it only makes it worse that the dude was in prison while posting the picture. And like these things tend to do it went viral pretty quickly until one of the guards at the prison saw it.

So after searching his cell, the guards confiscated his phone and the plant AND slapped some extra time onto his sentence.

But it doesn't stop there. Zendarski was soon moved into a 24-hour watch after receiving several death threats because soon after searching his cell, guards decided to search the other cells as well, which turned up several more items of contraband.

I just hope this guy learned his lesson. No, not that you shouldn't do even more illegal things while in prison, but that you should always censor yourself on social media.