Now let's be honest, everybody at one point would like to hear, "Come on down, you're the next contestant on The Price is Right." Everybody wants to be remembered on that show, and I do not think Drew Carey will forget this contestant.

This is Aliaya from Sacremento, and she could not contain her excitement when she got her bid correct on The Price is Right. On her way to the stage she took off her wig sending the crowd into an uproar and Drew Carey into a laughing fit. I even think throughout the game they played, Drew could still not contain his laughter.

Now I can assure you, if I ever get called down on The Price is Right, it will be one to remember. Mainly because I would probably have a heart attack. If I would get to pay Plinko, I would lose my damn mind.

Watch This Price is Right Contestant Literally Wig Out Below: