In stark contrast to their last two offerings to radio, Pop Evil slow things down a bit with their latest single.

There's something about winter time and ballads. It seems like every other tune that comes across my desk is a slow song. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that most BuzzHeads listen to the station for the high-energy music we play, so we do our best to keep 'em happy and try to keep the slow tunes to a minimum.

That being said, a great song is a great song regardless of the level of intensity. Pop Evil scored their first number one with the hard rockin' 'Trenches' and followed it up with the smash hit 'Deal With the Devil'. Two consecutive number ones is a major accomplishment, but three will put a band in the upper echelon among their peers.

Check out 'Torn to Pieces' and let us know if you think Pop Evil are about to deliver their third consecutive hit.