The emotion laced 'Torn to Pieces' is the third single to come off of Pop Evil's Onyx album. The other two singles, 'Trenches' and 'Deal with the Devil' both peaked at number one and hopes are high that the latest track will enjoy the same fate.

The song takes a different route than the group's first two singles, focusing more on the emotional trauma of losing a loved one.

Lead singer Leigh Kakaty said "'Torn To Pieces' is a song that's very close to me. You know, after losing my father on (second album) War Of Angels, it was a song that I had written for myself for personal reasons. And the band kind of stepped in and said, 'Look, if this song can help others, you know, I really think you should stop being selfish and, you know, let others heal from it.' You know, I took that to heart -- you know, when the guys talk, they're usually right."