I want to form a political party. I either want to call it the "Focus" party or "The Big Picture" party. My reasoning is simple, it seems our leaders are constantly getting distracted by the little crap. I'm not saying that stuff doesn't matter, it just seems that they use those things as a distraction for real issues. Read more after the jump if you dare.

I heard that Joe Lieberman wants the U.S. to have a big internet kill switch like Egypt has. I heard that some Tech students are lobbying for concealed handguns on campus. Things like these may be important to either side of the issue, but what happens is this kind of crap takes the headlines and the real problems are ignored. Things like these give lawmakers something they can jump on instead of dealing with hard problems. It's my opinion that the #1 mission of the the United States Government is to protect it's people. With this in mind, the #1 priority should be paying the bills. If the bills aren't paid, creditors (foreign influences) come calling. If the bills aren't paid, the military can't be strong. And if the bills aren't paid, the people we owe can't give other people jobs. Maybe the budget isn't priority #1, maybe something else is, but I just want to slap a politician when I hear them rambling on about the little crap. We need all of our leaders tackling the big issues until they are settled, then moving on to the other stuff. If I was a college kid I be worried about skyrocketing tuition a hell of a lot more than my ability to carry a gun. And If I were a U.S. leader I'd worry less about controlling the internet and more about making sure people aren't angry enough to use it in a less than savory way. Lastly, this isn't a Republican or Democratic issue, it's an issue for all of us. It is a known fact that every single administration in the history of the United States has spent more than it's predecessor, BAR NONE. In our state we also have giant budget issues. So whether it's nationwide or statewide, we need to get the bills paid, then sweat the small stuff.

Then again, I distracted you with the bikini pic long enough to get your attention here too.