We've all heard of the story of Goldilocks. She breaks into a house while the occupants are away, eats their food, sleeps in their beds, and makes a mess while doing it all. Really, I'm not quite sure why it was ever a children's story. I'd rather not tell a child that she should watch for the bears to leave and them rummage through their things. For one, bears are quick and could easily eat a child, and secondly, it promotes a felony.

Yet it continues to be told to this day. As an adult, I find that it's acually quite funny.

A man in London must like the story as well, because he's been dubbed "Goldilocks" because of the manner in which he's breaking into homes.

British police appealed for help Friday in tracing a suspected burglar they have dubbed "Goldilocks" because he breaks into houses, eats food and then has a sleep.

Essex detectives said they were trying to trace Jesse Dobinson who is suspected of carrying out two burglaries at a house in Wickford, northeast of London, in February and March. "On both occasions beds in the property were slept in and food eaten before items, including electrical goods, were stolen," police said in a statement.

The difference is that the fairy tale Goldilocks was harmless except for the mess she created. Dobinson, on the other hand, is wanted in connection with an assault and a knifepoint robbery. Maybe he should be breaking into some bears' homes after all. It may be swift justice.

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