Periphery continue their Meshuggah worship with a video straight out of the band's playbook.

Don't get me wrong, there are much worse bands you can 'pay tribute' to than Meshuggah. And for what it's worth, Meshuggah invented djent, a style that a lot of young bands have latched on to, so it's not like Periphery are totally aping the Swedes but they're easily the the top band in the genre, therefore the most visible and susceptible to criticism from dudes like me.

That being said, this video immediately came to mind within a few seconds of watching 'Ragnarok'. I realize Meshuggah weren't the first band to film a video with cameras positioned on their instruments but when you sound a LOT like a band and then release a video that looks a LOT like one of their videos, people are gonna point out the obvious.

'Ragnarok' appears on Periphery II: This Time it's Personal, out now on Sumerian Records.