Peeps, which are made in Bethlehem, PA, have become a popular treat during the holidays. Some people love the sugary chicks, whereas others can't stand to even look at them, but you have to admit that killing off a Peep has a certain allure. The guy in this video has taken it upon himself to kill off Peeps in 10 different ways, ranging from lighting it on fire to squishing it in a doorway. The microwaving of a Peep is also fun because it grows to such heights.

The great thing is that you don't have to wait for the holidays to kill off your Peeps. They're available year round, and they come in different shapes and flavors depending upon the season. During Easter, you're just as likely to be killing off a Peep Bunny as you would a Peep Chick.

Which is your favorite method of destruction?