The people of Flint currently do not have safe drinking water. Many are turning to bottled water while the city replaces the supply lines in town. Pearl Jam are doing their part to help out.

So if you're unaware of what is going on it Flint. Back in 2014, the town switched from the Detroit municipal system and began drawing from the Flint River. The water was not properly treated to keep lead from pipes from leaching into the supply. Many people are coming to aid of the city in this time of crisis.

Pearl Jam has donated $175,000 to the United Way in the area. Live Nation, the group’s record label Republic Records, Universal Music Publishing Group, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Glaser Progress Foundation, Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation and  Ticketmaster matched their amount and donated another $175,000.

From this article I found. It's going to take 60 million dollars to replace the lines and could take up to fifteen years to replace the entire system. I hope it doesn't take that long.