Jimmy Kimmel has asked his audience, on a few occasions, to prank their kids. Around Halloween it's hiding the candy and telling your kids that you ate it all, and around the holidays he's asked parents to give their kids something terrible, then get those reactions on film. The audience has complied, and these kids had some very strong reactions to getting half-eaten sandwiches, old bananas, a Waffle House hat, and in the case of one boy who had a full-on tantrum, a My Little Kitty sweater.

Perhaps it's the terrible mom in me, but watching this video makes me wish I'd done something like this to my kid when he was younger, just to see what he would have done. While the kids in this video are entirely entertaining to watch, one child's statement at 4:45 makes the whole thing worth watching. Even if you don't watch the whole thing, forward to what he has to say.