I just saw the new Pacific Rim movie a few weeks ago and I was shocked to see this is not the number one movie in America for a solid month. Really people, Grown Ups 2?

So the basic plot of Pacific Rim is that these monsters called "Kaiju" come out of the Pacific Ocean. After failed attempts to destroy the Kaiju's using normal weapons, countries around the world come together to design the Jaegar program. These are the giant robots you see fighting the monsters.

I saw this in IMAX 3D and with the exception of Avatar, it's the greatest 3D experience I have ever had. If you have a son, there is no possible way they will not like this movie. I am 24 and found myself on the edge of my seat.

Now if you are my age, you grew up watching "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Remember the last five minutes of Power Rangers where the creature they were fighting would get big and then the Power Rangers would call in their zords? As kids we thought, "Can we just get this for a whole show?" Pacific Rim is basically that for two hours and it is amazing!

I will rate this movie however you want A+, two thumbs up and five out of five stars. Go see it in theaters whenever you can. Plus, here in Wichita Falls, it's at Cinemark, the good movie theater. Not the one in the mall.

I don't currently own a Blu-ray player, but when this movie comes out, I will be buying one along with the super deluxe edition of Pacific Rim. If you haven't seen Pacific Rim yet, let these guys in the video below try to persuade you. They are the reason I went and saw it.

Watch Best Friends Get Hyped for Pacific Rim Below: