I remember being in high school and having a can of Axe in my backpack for after gym class. If I would have known I could have shut down my school with the stuff, trust me I would have.

Emergency crews rushed to a prep school in Brooklyn Wednesday following reports of a "hazardous smell" in a classroom. The dangerous and disgusting chemical responsible: Axe body spray. A student at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School released the spray in a classroom full of sixth graders, and prompting a shutdown of the school.

Emergency workers transported eight students to hospitals, and parents took two others to see doctors. There were no serious injuries, but school officials say disciplinary action is pending for the student who sprayed the classroom. So if Axe body spray can put ten kids in the hospital, ladies should start carrying Axe instead of pepper spray. At least the smell would be more pleasant, well maybe not.