If you're a parent, this is probably one of those things that you dread as you watch your teenage kid walk out the door to school every morning.

A "sexting ring", made up of about 100 students, was recently broken up at Cañon City High School in Colorado. These students were using vault apps to store between 300 and 400 nude photos of high school students and distributing them to others.  

Vault apps are apps on a phone that look like one thing, but require a password to gain access to them. They're basically a way to hide things that you don't want others to have access to.

Such a large percentage of the football team was involved that they were forced to forfeit their last game. Students involved even had a complex point system implemented in which points were awarded if photos of certain students were obtained and shared.

Some students have already been suspended and the district attorney is still determining if child pornography charges will be filed.