If they would have actually fought I am taking Buck Showalter without even thinking twice.

Now I was probably in the minority last night watching baseball over Monday Night Football, but what can I say I love baseball. In between innings of the Orioles and Yankees game on Monday night something very interesting happened. Showalter bolted out of the dugout after the first inning, screaming at Girardi: “That ain’t right, Joe. That ain’t right.” Showalter also made several throat-slashing gestures. The umpires had to get between them.

What was the beef about? The Yankees thought Orioles third-base coach Bobby Dickerson was stealing signs, and Girardi and Dickerson had words."He was yelling at the third-base coach. Somebody's wearing black and orange, I'm not going to let that happen," the Orioles manager said. The teams will play again tonight in Baltimore.

Check Out the Brawl Below: