If one thing could make you play the upcoming 'Alien' video game it would be at least hearing some of the original cast in the game.

'Aliens Colonial Marines' was a terrible game that came out last year. Seriously I played it for about thirty minutes, it was buggy and just plain awful. Well Sega is going to be popping out Alien games for the next few years it looks like. Well it turns out they are going all in with the upcoming game by getting some of the original cast.

Sigourney Weaver will be reprising her role as Ripley along with Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett) and Yaphet Kotto (Parker). Ian Holm who played Ash will not bee doing any voice work, but his likeness will be in the game. Now all of these appearances will only be taking place during a bonus mission called "Crew Expendable".

Even though I hated the 'Alien' game before this one, I actually wanted to check this out. Only because the original cast was in it. Well prepare for some crap because this is a downloadable map only. You MUST pre-order the game so that you can play the level. Don't worry I am sure they will charge ten dollars for this one level after a few months. I still feel like Sega owes me money for the terrible 'Alien' game they released last year.

Check Out How Terrible Aliens Colonial Marines was Below: