In a world where fights, brawls, and basically any type of testosterone fueled behavior is frowned upon in our society please allow me to say that the first time I watched this video might be the best 2 minutes and 4 seconds I spent on the internet all month. It may not be politically correct to admit this  but I have to hand it to these young 20 something Canadians, this was a hell of a fight.

The brawl started after Cody Reed of the Coquitlam Adanacs (don't worry I can't pronounce it either) scored a goal late in the game to put the Adanacs ahead of the Nanaimo Timbermen 15-4. Apparently this is a lot in lacrosse. During the celebration for the goal one of the Timbermen players decided he had enough of the beatdown in the game and decided to open his own can of Canadian whoop ass on Cody Reed. The fight that ensued resulted in both benches clearing, 11 suspensions and one of the most epic spears I have seen since Bill Goldberg graced the ring back in the days of WCW. Only thing I know for sure from watching this video... even Canadians can only take so much before they fight back. Enjoy