Slipknot’s compilation album called Antennas to Hell will drop on July 24th. It’s not a greatest hits kind of thing because, as Clown explains, “I hate ‘greatest hits,’ I hate ‘the best of.’ I will allow the word ‘compilation.’ Usually the terms ‘greatest hits’ or ‘best of’ mean the band’s in trouble, they’re breaking up or trying to get off the record label. And none of those scenarios are true with us.”

So now he’s released a remix video of 2 unnamed song, which I’m sure you can figure out which ones they are. But the songs and the video that goes along don’t jive together. And that’s because, “The remix does not match up with the montage. It’s supposed to be chaotic and f@cking crazy … I did not want to remix songs that are held as God to people. We hold those songs as sacred.”

You can read the whole thing at Rolling Stone’s website here.