I have this little quirk that I’ve cultured.  Whenever I’ve had a bad day, whenever I feel like I can’t get my chin off my chest, I buy my wife flowers.  The original thought was, if I can’t have a good day, I’m going to make sure someone else does.  It’s no big deal, just $10-$12 at Wallyworld every couple months.  More after the jump.

So Tuesday morning sucked.  We we’re fighting with every possible piece of office equipment. This led us to be almost an hour late getting our morning show stuff started.  I was pissed and my foot hurt from kicking the sh@t out of some office equipment.  So after work I decided I’d stop and get my wife some flowers.  I stopped at Wallyworld and found a nice bouquet of roses.  As I was on my way out I saw an old man sitting on a bench. He had to be 90 years old and when he muttered something at me I was more focused on the fact that he had about six good teeth left than what he said to me.  After he mumbled, I said, “excuse me sir”?  He then nodded at the roses at my hand and said, “I bet you wish you wouldn’t have done that now”.

I’m not sure if he was just assuming I f@#$ed up somehow, or if he was just joking because he kept a straight face the whole time. The old fart cracked me up. I think someday I’ll be that guy on the bench in Wallyworld just f’n with the people as they walk by.