We all have seen at the NBA games where one lucky fan has a shot at ton of money if they make a half court shot. Well one fan made the shot, but it doesn't look like he will get to keep that money.

Cameron Rodriquez was the lucky fan that got a shot at twenty thousand dollars, if he makes a half court shot. Well the shot went in for Cameron and you would think that would be the end of the story. Go home twenty thousand dollars richer and he is getting drinks for everyone after the game. Well Cameron is actually a college basketball player at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas.

According to NAIA rules, Cameron is not allowed to profit off of his athletic ability. Now if you were like me asking, what the hell is the NAIA? It is the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, don't say you didn't learn anything today. Well even with Cameron's scholarship he is still paying about thirty three thousand dollars a year in tuition. He would like to put the money towards only his school, but if the NAIA won't let him he said he would be willing to donate it to charity if NAIA allows it.

Once again I think college athletes should be paid, but you have to pay every college athlete. Let's be honest the college football or basketball teams are probably bringing in the most money depending on what school you are at. You can't just pay them, you have to pay the tennis, water polo, and golf team as well. Now the big schools could probably afford this, but the smaller schools in the NCAA I do not think could afford it. Maybe one day they will get it all figured out.

Check Out Cameron's Half Court Shot Below: