If you plan on taking a helicopter tour anytime soon, the one spot you must go to is a little town called Dixon, Illinois.

So what makes Dixon such a special place that you absolutely must fly over it? Or at least check it out on Google maps? It's their church, but not because it has amazing architectural features or it's the center of a new religion. The church is shaped like a penis. Got your attention now don't I?

It doesn't look like one from the streets, but a quick glimpse from a bird's-eye view and you can understand how people all across the internet, with their dirty, dirty minds, would be able to come to that conclusion.

And it looks like somebody hasn't been keeping up with their man-scaping, that bush is ginormous!

The building belongs to the The Christian Science Society of Dixon, Illinois, and I'm sure if they didn't realize what the building looked like on the blueprints, they will now. The church claimed on their Facebook page that the church was built around an old oak tree instead of tearing the tree down and promised that a "Giant fig leaf (is) coming soon."

I want to meet the guy who spent hours searching Google Earth to find that one building that just so happens to be shaped like a meat rocket, and tell him to get a life.

On the plus side, the church is enjoying plenty of publicity since the pictures hit the web; let's just hope the church never tries to have a Sailor Sunday. To many sea men in one place is never a good thing.