I guess in another attempt to be avante-garde, Jack White delivered another single to, well to nobody actually. They made a flexi-disk, basically a flexible plastic record, and tied 1,000 of them to helium balloons. Then they let the balloons go! So if you might have wanted one of those records you would have to drive all over Nashville in an attempt to find a blue balloon. Now if you’re like most people and didn’t care about this song, and you lived in the Nashville area, you probably woke up to one of these giant balloons stuck in your tree.

So in other words, since nobody was going to come to them to buy the record, they decided to balloon bomb the neighborhood with it and force it on the people. Or at least force the people to find the now trash balloons and throw them away. sounds more like littering then “non-traditional distribution” as the weird guy in the video says.