It’s a scenario you’ve probably seen a time or two… you meet someone, fall in love, and make plans for the future, only to have it all blow up in a messy break-up. Such is the case of a couple of Fargo, North Dakota, earlier this month. The man wanted to get back at his ex, and his method was something straight out of a toilet.

Cody Brandon Finley claims that his ex cheated on him. When they got into an argument at her apartment, he grabbed her purse on the way out. While she was at work a few days later, the man came into the salon where she was and gave her purse back. It was missing a pair of sunglasses and some cash, but everything else seemed to be there, along with something extra. Human feces.

The sunglasses and cash were returned to the woman after, and Finley has been cited with disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, and theft.

Here’s what the news doesn’t report.

A colleague of the woman told a friend of mine a slightly different story. None of this is verified and it’s third-hand knowledge, so take it for what it is.

Prior to delivering the “goods,” Finley called the Fargo forum and told them what he was going to do. Additionally, he called the police, who at the time weren’t going to charge him because pooping isn’t a crime. He stated that because his ex treated him like s**t, he would give her s**t. The woman’s story, however, is that it was Finley who cheated on her, which is why they got into the argument in the first place. Regardless of where the line of truth lies, the act of defecating in someone’s purse is just plain nasty.

What ever happened to the act of simply cyber-stalking someone’s Facebook page after a break-up? Is stealing their property and delivering it back to them in the middle of their workplace really necessary? What about, and I realize this is a really radical idea, simply moving on with life and forgetting about that ex?

Have you ever done anything nasty to an ex?