This kid just happened to be driving by and sprung into action like a superhero. 

Ivan Salinas was driving through an Arlington neighborhood yesterday afternoon. He noticed smoke a few blocks away and drove down the road towards it. Ivan and a nearby neighbor, Jorge Prado found a woman collapsed outside of the house. The woman told the two men that her mother was still inside the house.

"She was on the floor when I went in so I just pulled her out by her arms,” Prado said. The woman was in her 70's and was able to get out of the smoke-filled house in time. Both women were taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for 3rd-degree burns and smoke inhalation.

Ivan Salinas was disappointed as to what he saw when he came out of the house. "There were more people on their cell phones rather than calling 911 and rather than helping,” Salinas said.

Prado said they had to save the elderly woman, no matter the risk of danger. "I'm glad I could help and pull her out and basically save her life. I mean that's a good thing, I feel pretty good,” Prado said.