Noisey have released part one of the aptly titled Papaganda, a documentary that takes you behind the scenes with Ghost. The funny thing is that while it's more revealing than anything I've seen from the band, it doesn't reveal much. You get to hear one of the Unnamed Ghouls' voice without a mask on it for the first time (that I can remember) and see an 'unmasked' Papa Emiritus II...but that's about as revealing as it gets.

It's clear that Papa Emiritus II, while 'unmasked', is wearing makeup, but it's done really well and it adds to the sinister (yet tongue-in-cheek) vibe of Ghost. Not to mention, the concept is original and I really dig it when bands go the extra mile for fans.

For the most part, the documentary focuses on Papa (it's called "The Olde One") and while you know the story's not entirely true, it's a lotta fun to watch.