The countdown is on, you have just under four weeks to find the first season of Game Of Thrones and get caught up.  This show is incredible and plays like a monster budget movie sixty minutes at a time.  SERIOUSLY, this series is better than almost ANY movies you’ve seen in years.  More after the jump.


I loved the first season of “Game Of Thrones” and what was very cool is it kept hinting at mystical and magical things to come.  It got to the point where you figured all the magic and stuff was just superstitions.  It wasn’t until like the last five minutes off the final episode of season one that some “real” mystical things were revealed.  If that isn’t enough for you guys, they were revealed on the naked body of the hottie in the picture.  HOLY ENCHILADAS!  That girl is smokin’ hot!

Anyways, get caught up.  Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 1st.