Seriously, I can't believe that is a record.

Since 2007, the NFL has had a new personal conduct policy. This has also been keeping track of how many players get arrested throughout the league. This has not been a good year for the NFL, with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson grabbing a lot of national attention. Well I guess the NFL can somewhat celebrate since they set a new record today with no NFL players getting arrested in a forty day period.

Well, sort of. Technically the record stands, but upon further review some people may want to count this one arrest. Former 49ers lineman Ray McDonald home was searched this week in connection to a rape accusation. Now Ray was cut by the 49ers last week, but still not something the league wants it's players known for.

If I had to guess, this record is not going to last long. Why? For many players their season is going to end with the regular season coming to a close on Sunday. They're going to have a lot of free time and I bet some players are going to do some stuff they would not normally do during the NFL season.