The Super Bowl this year will be played in MetLife stadium which is in New Jersey, not New York like everyone keeps saying. The problem the NFL may have is that it tends to snow in February in the Northeast.

In the history of the Super Bowl the NFL has never gone this far north for a stadium, that was not a dome. Super Bowl Sunday could easily become Super Bowl Saturday, Super Bowl Monday, or Super Bowl Tuesday if a snowstorm threatens to take over at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2. The NFL is doing everything possible to prevent this from happening, but if a freak blizzard comes in the Super Bowl day may be moved.

The NFL will be deploying a snow melter outside of MetLife Stadium that can melt 600,000 tons of snow per hour. They will be shipping in 60,000 tons of salt to help with the roads. Also to help fans that attend the game, every seat will have gloves, hand warmers, ear muffs, lip balms and facial tissues. So we will see what happens in a few months, I wouldn't mind a Super Bowl Saturday.