How bad of a problem is it at Jets games, that you have to institute a points system like we are in kindergarten?

If you have never been to a NFL game let me say, some fans are jerks. You always have that one guy that tailgated a little too hard and wants to fight the opposing teams fans. I have no problem with someone rooting for the other team when I am at a game, but if you're simply wanting to fight me for being a Cowboys fan you need to relax. I am talking to the Eagles fans out there on this one.

I was aware that the Browns and Eagles have a huge problem with fans getting kicked out for starting fights. They had to have jail cells put in because they couldn't get cop cars there fast enough for all the people being arrested. Well apparently during Jets games it has become a big enough problem to offer a reward system.

Season ticket holders will have a smart card they will scan when walking into the stadium. If they don't get kicked out of the game they earn points, simple.

“The message is to come to the games and be a good fan — they don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary — and their loyalty is rewarded,” Seth Rabinowitz, the Jets’ vice president of marketing and fan engagement, told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Their points, which are good for prizes that range in value from Super Bowl tickets to autograph sessions. The rewards points increase after a fan attends seven of their 10 home games. Coming from someone whose family has season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys, I want us to have this. Simply so we can get free stuff for doing something we already do.