We've all heard about the impending Zombie Apocalypse, and we know zombies just want to eat our brains, but did you ever think you'd see a zombie performing CPR? The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has put out a video that has zombies doing just that. After all, CPR can make you undead.

The timing of the video is perfect considering that Halloween is right around the corner, and talk of zombies has increased. The campaign will run through November, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation has a number of other activities scheduled to coincide with this video.

In The Undeading, the clip below, you'll see a woman alone on the streets, being chased by a zombie. After fending him off, she finds herself surrounded by zombies on all sides. What's the best thing to do? Fall over and die of cardiac arrest, of course!

That's where the zombies come in, but there's a bit of a twist. You'll have to watch to see what it is.