The new Theory of a Deadman c.d./download called "The Truth is..." hits stores this Tuesday. We were able to preview some of the songs during the recent Avalanche Tour. More after the jump.

So you've heard "Lowlife" on the radio and if you haven't watch the video, it's available below. It stars Donal Louge who was in "Grounded for Life" and a great independent movie called "The Tao Of Steve".

We were able to see Theory twice on the Avalanche tour and heard at least one more great song from the new c.d. (we were a little blurry). There's a song on the c.d. called, "Bitch Came Back". If you've heard the kids story/nursery rhyme, "The Cat Came Back', then it's almost the same thing. You can preview snippets of the whole album at, but sometimes they're misleading (like the clip for "Bitch Came Back" doesn't really give you a feel for the song. But anyways, if you'd like a preview check it out here.